Reading Rebels



The reading rebels are a minor league professional basketball team located in reading, pennsylvania. We compete in the basketball league (tbl). Founded. In 2021 we are approaching our 3rd season as an organization.

About Us

We define THE CITY as a Community in which we live. We envision a place where people believe MORE is possible, where future leaders are born, and where unity supersedes competition. We bring strong affordable community programs to the youth and families of the CITY. We will provide life skills, leadership, overall wellness and bring a welcomed and refreshing endurance to the youth and adults who wish to revitalize this CITY and OTHER CITIES, like it, locally, regionally, and globally.
We serve athletes of all ages, skills and backgrounds, and their families, primarily through the sport of basketball. Highlighting and elevating our inner city athletes with scholarship funding and the proper guidance will allow them to continue following their dreams while also learning what it takes to become successful in the workplace.
We continue to surround ourselves with incredible community advocates who believe in our mission and vision. We are resourceful and hold a high standard of operating from a place of gratitude. We have, do, and will continue to make a difference in the lives of young athletes, their families and the growing FOR THE CITY Community (ies), here and abroad.